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A Side single on CBS Records
Also available on:
Son of my Father Vinyl Album (CBS)
The Very Best of Chicory Tip CD (Summit)
The Best of Chicory Tip CD (Repertoire)
Greatest Hits (Digital Release)
Son of my Father CD (Archive - Japan)
The Singles Collection CD (7T's)

The song was originally released by a band called The Magic Lanterns who
came from Warrington, England, and who charted the song in 1966, reaching
the number 44 position. They were on the Epic label, part of the CBS family, and it
was not unusual back then for labels to share songs between their acts - for instance
CBS single "Friend Of Mine" by Dr Marigold's was recycled by Chicory Tip
for their "Son Of My Father" album cut.  The ending was different on the Chicory Tip
version - a fun vaudeville-type banjo outro adding to the infectiousness of it.

This song was the first to gain the band passage onto Top Of The Pops.
It was also championed by Radio 1 DJ Alan "Fluff" Freeman, who made a
jingle out of the song and played it constantly on his BBC radio show.
The single was released on June 25th 1971. It was written by Art Wayne
and we would love to tell you more about him, but we have uncovered
nothing at all on him. If you have information please let us know!

Although it didn't make it into the published Top 40 of the British charts
it was a "breaker" which hovered around the lower reaches of the Top 75
for a number of weeks, and proved the point that Chicory Tip were slowly
but surely getting into the consciousness of the British music public.

The song was on the early copies of "Son Of My Father" vinyl album from
1972, to be replaced later on with "What's Your Name", to boost the album
sales when the two hit singles were in the charts.




Almost didn't recognise you with all those fancy clothes and
black shading on your eyes with your nose up in the air
You thought you had me fooled with all of that cheesed up hair
But don't try to act so cool cos I'd know you anywhere, yeah
Excuse me baby, don't you remember me

You are full of ambition to make it in the movies
I took you to the station and you said goodbye to me
Didn't you get all my letters I wrote you every day
Every penny I would get, yeah, I'd send you right away now
Excuse me baby, don't you remember me

Excuse me baby, don't you remember me

Today I saw the papers, your picture in that caddy, yeah
I hitch-hiked just to see that man that you call Daddy
And when you make the big time and you ain't got no worries
I guess it could slip your mind to tell the folks that you are married
Excuse me baby, don't you remember me
Don't you remember me, look at me baby
Don't you remember me, one more time, Don't you remember me

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