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Album Track on "Son Of My Father" and B side of
Argentina release of "Good Grief Christina" on CBS Records
Also available on:
Son Of My Father Vinyl LP (CBS)
The Best of Chicory Tip CD (Repertoire)
Greatest Hits (Digital Album)
Son of my Father CD (Archive - Japan)

This song was released on CBS as a single by Dr Marigold's (a.k.a.
Dr Marigold's Prescription) and it was produced by Roger Easterby and
Des Champ, but when Roger and Des produced Chicory Tip's version it
was released as an album track on the "Son Of My Father" long player.

Looking at the catalogue number of the Dr Marigold's single it would suggest
that Chicory Tip's version of the song pre-dated the single by Dr Marigold's,
who themselves had been recording since the late 1960s for Pye and Bell
labels before their brief fling with CBS and then on Roger Easterby's own
Santa Ponsa label. They never made it to the charts though. Interestingly,
as for Chicory Tip, they would end their career on Roger's Route label, and
quirkily enough, the B side of their last single was "Pride Comes Before A Fall."
"Pride Comes Before A Fall" was also on another Dr Marigold's B side on Santa Ponsa!

Alan French of DMP told us that Dr Marigold's had split up by the time of the
Route Records deal but despite the fact that lead singer Fred Radley was the singer
on the track "March Hare"/"Pride Comes Before A Fall" it was session
musicians who played on the track and none of the original members of DMP.
The release came about to satisfy an existing contract which required a
further single and this is how it was achieved.

"Friend Of Mine" was written by Ed Welch and we are assuming that this is
the same Ed Welch who released an album of songs mainly written with
Tom Paxton on Arista Records called "Clouds" which was released in 1975.
Included on the album were such great musicians as drummer Cozy Powell and
Mike De Albuquerque.  Ed would later go on to compose for TV and Film and
is credited for writing the themes to "Blockbusters" and latterly producing music
for the highly popular "Thomas and Friends" cartoon series.





Celebrated highly rated friend of mine are you
Never known a friend like you indeed
They came all shapes and sizes and love knows all disguises
But all before my eyes is all I need


Oh Friend of mine I love you
Let me love you just a little more
Oh Friend of mine I love you
Never been in love so much before

Never changing never ageing friend are you to me
You bring my whole world down upon its knees
To love you's my obsession, I see by your expression
Perhaps my one possession you will be

Chorus repeat twice to fade

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