(Pete Bellotte / Giorgio Moroder)  April Music Limited

A Side Single on CBS Records
Also available on:
The Very Best of Chicory Tip CD (Laserlight)
The Very Best of Chicory Tip CD (Summit)
The Best of Chicory Tip CD (Repertoire)
Greatest Hits (Digital Album)
Son of my Father CD (Archive - Japan)
The Singles Collection CD (7T's)

This was another composition by Pete Bellote and Giorgio Moroder although it would
turn out to be the last composition by the pair to appear on a Chicory Tip record.
This was another 2 and a half minute piece of pop music from the boys complete
with trademark moog synthesizer break, hand claps and tremendous glam rock appeal.

It was released on 26th October 1973 and there were high hopes that this would do
well enough to put the band back in the charts again.

But with previous release "Cigarettes Women And Wine" failing to get any airplay on
BBC Radio 1 due to its ban, when this single came out, the interest in the band as far
as Radio 1 were concerned, had disappeared. Lack of airplay damaged its chart
chances and both the band and the label would change direction for the next single.




Wipe that smile off your face, that won't save you today
No use shouting for help cos my boys are blocking your way

Because we're IOU, IOU, play must you
I said I-O-U

You knew footsie was old, you knew she's be alone
But now her father is old, cos he would smile if he saw you pose

Chorus repeat

Now don't give me that jive, you sure knew she was mine
But we'll soon put this thing straight with a good old bunch of fives

Chorus repeat

IOU, just for you, I said IOU, just for you

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