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Album track from "Son Of My Father" album on CBS Records
Also available on:
Son Of My Father Vinyl LP (CBS)
The Very Best of Chicory Tip CD (Laserlight)
The Best of Chicory Tip CD (Repertoire)
Son of my Father CD (Archive - Japan)

The song was written by Terry Gilkyson, Frank Miller and Richard Dehr and
was a track on the "Son Of My Father" album. It was also released as an A
sided single with "What's Your Name" on the B side in Japan on Epic Records under
the name "Chicory.".

There was a distinct calypso sound for Chicory Tip here and not a hint of the moog.
Peter Hewson also pronounces the girl's name as "Mary-Ann" initially and
then "Marry-Ann" later on in the song.

Terry Gilkyson was an American folk singer born in 1916 who lived to the age
of 83. His first big hit came in 1950 when Frankie Laine covered his song
"The Cry Of The Wild Goose."  As a singer he was vocalist on The Weavers'
Number 1 "On Top Of Old Smokey" and as an actor he was in the 1956 western
movie "Star In The Dust."

In 1956 he formed The Easy Riders with Richard Dehr and Frank Miller and
the song "Marianne" was a major hit for them in America, selling a million and
earning them a gold disc. An even bigger song written by the trio was Dean
Martin's single "Memories Are Made Of This."

The original version of "Marianne" had an extra verse in it (you can hear it from an
original 78rpm recording at our Video page above.) It is interesting that
(not for the first time) Chicory Tip's version was slightly different lyrically to the
actual words used on the original Easy Riders track.  The original version started
with the chorus, something Chicory Tip decided to change.

Terry (real name Hamilton H Gilkyson III) went to work for Walt Disney Films
in 1960 and penned "The Bare Necessities" for the movie "The Jungle Book."

Frank Miller is still alive at the age of 94 - he was born in 1918 - but he never
reached the successful heights he enjoyed with The Easy Riders all those years ago.
We have no other information on the other member of the Trio, Richard Dehr.




Oh Marianne, Marianne, won't you marry me?
We can have a bamboo hut and brandy in our tea
Leave your fat old mama home, she never will say yeah
If mother she do not know now, she'll make a guess


All day All night Marianne
Down by the seaside sifting sand
Even little children love Marianne
Down by the seaside sifting sand

Oh when she walks along the shore people pause to breathe
Wild birds fly I don't know why, little fish come to her feet
People fall in love but I'm a-lonely more than them
I would like to see you my Marianne

Repeat Chorus Twice to fade

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