(Barry Mayger / Peter Hewson / Brian Shearer / Rick Foster)  Santa Ponsa Music Ltd

B Side of "What's Your Name" on CBS Records
Title track from American e.p, on CBS Records
Also available on:
Son Of My Father Vinyl LP (CBS)
The Very Best of Chicory Tip CD (Laserlight)
The Very Best of Chicory Tip CD (Summit)
The Best of Chicory Tip CD (Repertoire)
Greatest Hits (Digital Album)
Son of my Father CD (Archive - Japan)
The Singles Collection CD (7T's)

"Memory" was the nearest Chicory Tip came to recording a ballad and although
Peter Hewson, Barry Mayger, Brian Shearer and Rick Foster were all credited with
writing the song, it was Rick Foster who wrote the lyrics.

It was to be found on the B side of "What's Your Name" and was included in the
album "Son Of My Father" as well as the title cut of an American e.p. which was
released. Interestingly enough although the band were known as simply "Chicory"
in the USA on the singles "Son Of My Father" and "What's Your Name" the spelling
on the glossy sleeve of the e.p. reverted back to "Chicory Tip."

The song became a favourite with the Chicory Tip fans, and although there was
keyboards on the track, the trademark moog synthesizer was left out of this one
with the song showcasing the sensitive side of the band with some excellent harmonies.




People demonstrate in Trafalgar Square
Preaching wrong from right sing your praises there
People laugh at me, tell me not to worry
Time's our enemy, we just can't see

Finding other planets, well that's up to you
Political solution is one point of view
There's a future on earth, time to see a rebirth
If only man we unite as one


Oooh my memory sees strange things in time it re-arranges
Forseeing the future and the past, the years of countless ages

Repeat Verses 1 and 2

Repeat Chorus

Na Na Na Na Na Na ...... (to fade)

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