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B Side Single to "Monday After Sunday" and "Son Of My Father" on CBS Records
Also available on:
Son Of My Father Vinyl LP (CBS)
The Very Best of Chicory Tip CD (Summit)
The Best of Chicory Tip CD (Repertoire)
Greatest Hits (Digital Album)
Son of my Father CD (Archive - Japan)
The Singles Collection CD (7T's)

Originally released as a B side on the very first single by Chicory Tip called
"Monday After Sunday" it was given another release as the B side to the No.1
hit "Son Of My Father" where it enjoyed a bigger audience. These were the days
when people DID play B sides and the writers, M Kent and J Arthur, didn't have
any complaints as their mechanical copyright royalties were the same as for the
A side!  Chicory Tip fans always had a soft spot for this song and many will agree
that it was good enough to have been an A side.

We haven't found out too much about Kent and Arthur, other than they wrote a
song called "On A Place To Nowhere" recorded by Edison Lighthouse and later
a B side for a band called Crush on their single "Today's A Tomorrow" and also
the B side of Barracade's version of "Pride Comes Before A Fall" (see below).
There is a connection here because Rick Foster left Chicory Tip after the single
"What's Your Name" came out to join Edison Lighthouse.

"Pride Comes Before A Fall" was also included on the "Son Of My Father"
original vinyl album, and uses violins to good effect on the production.

The song itself first surfaced as an A side for a band called Barracade, which
was another act under the Easterby/Champ management stable. It was released
on CBS's sister label Epic in 1970 in America featuring Johnny Goodison on lead vocals
with the catalogue number for this release in the UK being EPC S 7135.
The Barrade single came out in 1971 in Britain. The version itself was a very
soulful rendition - very different from the light pop rendition of Chicory Tip's.

 Dr Marigold's Prescription recorded it on the B side of their last single "The Lady
With The Snake Tattoo" on Santa Ponsa Records. It was also on the B side of a
single called "March Hare" on the Route label, Chicory Tip's last ever label.

Alan French of DMP told us that Dr Marigold's had split up by the time but despite
 the fact that lead singer Fred Radley was the singer on the track it was session
musicians who played on the song and none of the original members of DMP.
The release came about to satisfy an existing contract which required a
further single and this is how it was achieved.

Incidentally the phrase "Pride comes before a fall" comes originally from King James'
verse in the Bible where the quote is "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty
spirit before a fall," effectively warning that the next step to being puffed up with
arrogance is to fall flat on your face!




Walking around with your head in the air
You'd better watch it girl, you better beware
Cheating's a game that you taught me to play
So better lend an ear and hear what I say

You'll find that Pride comes before a fall

And you're heading for trouble, heading for trouble
Pride comes before a fall, it'll burst like a bubble, burst like a bubble

How many times have I told you before you'd better listen girl, listen for sure
Cheating on me it's the name of the game, so don't be too surprised if I'm doing the same

Chorus repeat

There's none so blind as those who cannot see
And girl it's time you saw what you're doing to me

Chorus repeat twice to fade

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