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A Side Single of CBS Records
Also available on:
Son Of My Father Vinyl LP (CBS)
The Very Best of Chicory Tip CD (Laserlight)
The Very Best of Chicory Tip CD (Summit)
The Best of Chicory Tip CD (Repertoire)
Greatest Hits (Digital Album)
Son of my Father CD (Archive - Japan)
The Singles Collection CD (7T's)

This is the song which will forever be associated with Chicory Tip. Their number 1
million selling single which topped the charts in 1972. It was the brainchild of producer
and manager Roger Easterby who got hold of a rival version of the song by Giorgio
Moroder. His writing partner, Pete Bellotte wrote the English lyrics to Giorgio's music but the
original German words were penned by Michael Holm called "Nachts Schient Die Sonne."

Easterby and his co-producer Des Champ got the band into legendary producer George
Martin's studio secretly on Christmas Eve 1971 to record the song. It was such a secret
that they daren't even ask anyone for the words to the song - instead they copied down what
they thought were the correct lyrics. They didn't get the "Pre-form Packed" phrase at all,
leaving listeners baffled as to what Peter Hewson was actually singing in that line!
Below are the actual lyrics taken from the official sheet music (above).

Incidentally, George Martin himself popped into the studio to hear the finished version and
the band were delighted to hear his verdict. "It smells like a hit to me!" he said.
The song was released on January 14th and charted a week later at number 30 in
the official British charts. It rocketed up to number 11 then to 2, nestled behind T.Rex's
"Telegram Sam" before ousting that record from the top spot a week later. It all
happened so fast. The record stayed at the summit for three weeks before being
knocked off by Nilsson's "Without You."  It would continue on the charts for many
weeks after that and sold all over the world. In Spain it was number 1 for months
although nobody seems to have an exact figure.

The band on the record were Peter Hewson, Rick Foster, Barry Mayger and Brian
Shearer but the man brought in by producer Roger Easterby to play the moog synthesizer on the record was engineer Chris Thomas. On 'Top Of The Pops' though a musician called Trevor Bastow was featured on the moog. This little-known fact was confirmed by Trevor's brother Phil. Sadly Trevor died in 2000.

"Son Of My Father" was used prominently in the multi-award winning movie "Anita & Me" which was set in Birmingham in 1972. A version of the song was also featured in the wedding scene at the end of the film.  "Son Of My Father" is also featured heavily still on the terraces at football matches almost 50 years after it became number 1! It will forever be part of the soundtrack of our lives!

Another quirky story is that label mates Dr Marigold's (AKA Dr Marigold's Prescription)
were offered the track before Chicory Tip but turned it down! DMP went on to record
"Friend Of Mine" which was also recorded by Chicory Tip, while a version of another
Chicory Tip song, "Pride Comes Before A Fall," was recorded under the name
Dr Marigold's but was in fact Fred Radley (the lead singer with session musicians) as the
band had split up at that time. It was released under the band's name for
contractual reasons according to band member Allan French.




Father said to me we gotta have your life run right
Off you go to school where you can learn the rules, they're right
Be just like your dad lad follow in the same tradition
Never go astray and stay an honest lovin' son


Son of my Father, moulded I was folded I was pre-form packed
Son of my Father, commanded I was branded in a plastic vac
Surrounded and confounded by statistic facts

Tried to keep me in but jumped out of my skin in time
I saw through the lies and read the alibi signs
So I left my home I'm really on my own at last
Left the trodden path and separated from the past

Chorus 2
Son of my Father, changing re-arranging in to someone new
Son of my Father, collecting and selecting independent views
Knowing and I'm showing that a change is due

Chorus 1 Repeat to fade

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