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A Side Single on Route Records
Also available on:
The Singles Collection CD (7T's)
Greatest Hits (Digital Album)

CBS Records and Chicory Tip finally parted after the single "Take Your Time Caroline"
became their third chart failure in a row, but Roger Easterby and Des Champ still felt
there was mileage with the band and Roger was starting up his own label, Route, and
launched it with one of the best singles ever by the band. 

"Survivor" was an astonishing record in many ways. It was right out of the Moroder and
Bellotte book except the two hitmakers were not involved at all. Instead the writers on
this single were the mysterious Zack Laurence and J Weston, about which any information
is very hard to come by. However, we have found out that Zack Laurence has a connection
with the writers of the previous Chicory Tip single, "Take Your Time Caroline." That song
was co-written by Alan Blaikley and Ken Howard, and those two combined with Zack
to write the music featured in the film "The Flame Trees Of Thika" in 1981 starring
Hayley Mills and Holly Aird. Zack also wrote the theme music to "The Crystal Maze",
which was a successful TV show starring Richard O'Brien on Channel 4.

In 1970 Zack Laurence is credited as playing piano on the number 2 hit by Mr Bloe
called "Groovin' With Mr Bloe." The piano part was originally done by Elton John but
Zack replaced Elton's part and eventually appeared on Top Of The Pops to perform it.

While Roger's label did eventually get a Top 30 hit - "The Flasher" by Mistura in 1976 -
unfortunately it wasn't with Chicory Tip's last single, "Survivor."




I was born a motherless child. I was born right in December
And the only thing I remember was growing up all alone
Without love or friends to help me the odds were high against me
But I kept on fighting and I made it on my own


Cos I'm a survivor, survivor, survivor, no no no one puts me down
I'm a survivor, survivor, survivor, no no no

If I'm down I'll never be losing, although I'm far behind you
I'll come bouncing back to remind you I'll never stay on the floor
So I hope you'll say you love me, but if that's not how you're feeling
I'll just keep on trying till I'm back on top once more

Chorus Repeat Three times to fade

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