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A Side Single on CBS Records
Also available on:
The Best of Chicory Tip CD (Repertoire)
Son of my Father CD (Archive - Japan)

This was the follow-up single to the million selling "Son Of My Father" and it was
another co-write by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, and another which used
the winning formula of catchy chorus and moog synthesizer. It was also recorded
at George Martin's Air Studios which had been used to cut their Number 1 smash.
Pete Bellotte was always credited as the man who wrote the words while Giorgio
Moroder was credited with the writing of the music.

Released on 28th April 1972 the song had a strange journey in the UK charts.
It debuted in Britain at a low 39 before leaping to 26 the following week. Then it
slowed down to climb to 23 then 21 before shooting up to the peak spot of No. 13.
Just when everyone thought the song was set for a top ten position it crashed down
to number 27 before eventually slipping out of the Top 40 completely a few weeks
later. The fact that the band were still promoting "Son Of My Father" in other
countries probably didn't help them as they were often unavailable in the UK to
promote "What's Your Name."

It would turn out to be the final single that the four members - Peter Hewson,
Rick Foster, Barry Mayger and Brian Shearer - would make together as Rick
left the band after this single, and was replaced by Rod Cloutt.




See her every morning and I give myself a warning that it's time to speak
But when she passes by I just cannot find the words and I feel so weak
Here she comes walking by again, this time I'm not gonna hesitate
Hold my breath and I count to ten, I must ask her now I'm gonna wander on over
Before the day gets older


Hey Hey Hey Hey, what's your name?
What's your name?  What's the game that you're playing
Is it real, can I deal, if I play can I stay
What's your name, what's your game, what's your name?

"Really glad you asked me I've been hoping that you would soon" she answered me
She told me that she'd seen me every morning and had fallen in love with me
All these weeks she's been so shy, much too scared to give me the eye
But she was thinking just the same, she must ask me now, I'm gonna wander on over
Before the day gets older

Chorus Repeat Twice then ad lib to end

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