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Unsolicited References About Hotdisc...

"It is such a pleasure to work with Hotdisc because you take care of business in a very professional way." - Ray Pillow, Singer/Songwriter, USA.

"Your service is A1 and very professional. We have really enjoyed being part of Hotdisc and without a doubt it has helped us introduce my music to a wider audience."
Steve and Angie Larkman, Forever Records

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be on Hotdisc. You certainly deliver the goods and this day and age, that means a lot. I truly appreciate your professionalism." Ray William Roldan, Singer.

"Thank you Stuart for your thoroughness and professionalism. We can always count on that from Hotdisc." Terry and Andrew Dean

"I love the honesty of your operation. I know exactly where I am with you guys. The only way I can improve is by getting constructive feedback for my music. If my songs are good the DJs will tell me - if they're not they will tell me. There are too many 'yes men' in this business and at last, with Hotdisc, you get the truth about your music, and that's down to the integrity of this whole operation."
Tyler Clark, Clarkston Records

"I just wanted to let you know how very happy I am to be on Hotdisc -  You really do have a top notch compilation - you do everything that you say you're going to do; With you being so well respected in the music business it is an honour to be a part of Hotdisc.  I will certainly be doing business with you in the future! I'm just really overwhelmed by the response! - Rustie Blue.

"I absolutely LOVE working with you. You are a man of your word and that carries a whole lot with me." - Rhonnie Scheuermann, Writer and Promoter.

"I want to thank you for the very professional manner in which you conduct your business! I must tell you that I am impressed with the way you go about your procedures and one could certainly learn a lot from you! I am just so very happy with the results of my first attempt to market one of my  songs in Europe." - Fred Leonard, USA Artist.

"It has been a great experience to get so many comments and views from DJ's across Europe and even from Australia. Hotdisc has opened me up to another world of country artists I would otherwise may never have heard of. The comments about my song were varied and ranged from excellent to poor, confirming in itself that responses were honest and not just designed to please the artist regardless. I have enjoyed airplay in a number of countries and all in all it's been money well spend and the feedback has taught me a lot." - Frank Riedel, USA Artist.

"I would like to thank you for all your help and the feedback received. It is great to receive genuine help." - Eric Toomey, UK Artist.

"Our experience with you has been great, and we are very satisfied with your follow up service." - Thor Gilhus, Promoter.

"I can't tell you how appreciative I am. The quality of your CDs are right up there with the best in America. I was happy to read about your service in full on your website.  It is a lot more detailed than I ever imagined.  You are doing a great service for a lot of hopeful artists all over the world." - Bobby Bush, USA Artist.

"I want to thank you for so many things - your judgement and honesty and your advice. Also for your dedication and hard work and for being a friend through the past years." - Jeff Stone, USA Artist.

"I want to say that my experience with Hotdisc was exceptional. Everything was done very professionally and on time. I love the fact that your compilations are mastered properly - this makes a big difference. I love the contact information on the sleeve notes and the DJ reactions to my song. The price was the least expensive I have been on and I would not hesitate to use Hotdisc again." - Jim Moulton, USA Artist.

“Congratulations!!! If ever there was a well-deserved award, this lovely acknowledgement of all your hard work, dedication, creativity and passion for music is it!! The response and exploding growth of the Hotdisc is testimony -- and the proof in the pudding -- to all your work!! It's wonderful to be acknowledged by your peers, and people in the industry you serve so well...!!, I'm thrilled for you...  "Way to go," Stuart... !!!” - Evie Sands, US Singer-Songwriter.

"I have been working with Hotdisc many times and I have found you to be a man of huge integrity and honesty. He is the most forthright person I have dealt with in the compilation disc world - he tells things like they really are and doesn't beat around the bush. I have recommended Hotdisc to many of my major recording artist friends as Stuart can be trusted to do the job he says he will do. I will work closely with him for a long time in the future." - Bernadette, Irish Singer.

“Congratulations on the award! I'm happy that the Hotdisc is such a success...I know it requires a lot of work and dedication. Well done! and keep it up!” - Ron Getman from The Tractors.

“Linda Gail Lewis and I would like to congratulate you on your award! Your Hotdisc is simply .... HOT!!” - Mark Potter, Manager, Linda Gail Lewis.

"I wish to express my appreciation to you for all your help with our project. You provide a marvellous service for the industry and we are very pleased with your professionalism in every aspect." - Jim Pierce, Round Robin Records.

"I cannot tell you how happy I am working with you. I am very pleased and if you ever need an endorsement from a satisfied customer, feel free to use me!" - Donna Frost, Artiste.

"It is a joy to work with a professional. We truly appreciate your support." - Toi, Checo Records.

"I just want you to know how much I appreciate not only your willingness to listen to my CD, but your continued support in helping me out. You actually answer my emails. Believe me, there are a lot of people who don't do that. You don't know me from Adam and yet you have given me your time and assistance.  I really appreciate it." - Ray Miner, Artiste.

"Razzy Bailey has a lot of respect for you and all the good things you have done for independent artists and him. And I agree with him. You are one of a kind my friend." - Sissy Treat, Razzy Bailey Productions.

"The reaction sheets sent out by Hotdisc is a wonderful idea, It lets you know where you are at with the media at all times as they state their honest opinions, and that's a great learning tool, and  the only way to keep creating what they and their audiences want to hear! Great work - I really appreciate it!" - T Jae Christian, USA Artist and Universal Sound Records Manager.

"Thank you Stuart - Hotdisc represents the best value I have ever had in the promotion of my music - you're a top man"  - Chris Harris, UK Artist.


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