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Using his vast knowledge from over 35 years of experience in the Television, Radio, Sport and Entertainment industry, Stuart is available to businesses and individuals to help them develop their own projects providing full media support from the ground up. Drawing on experience working with BBC TV, ITV and Sky Television as well as national BBC and commercial radio stations, he can advise on many areas of the industry.

Stuart's site devoted to the Borders Rugby scene with video, audio, stats, news and results. The site houses a vast archive of rugby programmes dating back to 2008.

Hotdisc Limited
Hotdisc Limited is the media company Stuart formed in 2005 and includes the popular Rush Released country music CD compilation which is sent all over the world.

ITV Border
The South of Scotland's regional broadcasting company which hosts Stuart's regular rugby bulletins.

Stu Stevens
One of Britain's finest vocalists first met Stuart in 1979 and this is the website put together to mark the incredible career of Stu Stevens. Stuart painstakingly researched this to provide a comprehensive website for Stu Stevens fans to enjoy.

Sky Radio
Stuart's various radio productions fall under this banner.

Chicory Tip
Stuart's not ashamed to admit that his favourite ever band is Chicory Tip! Not everyone's choice of course but those who loved Glam Rock in the 1970s have a treat in store here with a fully researched and entertaining history of one of the best bands from that period, with some fascinating facts found along the way. This is Stuart's own tribute to Kent's finest band!!

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