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Stuart interviewing Scottish international Stuart Hogg and commentator/inventor/coach Richie Gray.

Stuart with his broadcasting hero - the late great BBC Commentator Bill McLaren.

Stuart on air at Radio Borders, where he regularly broadcasts as part of the Sports Team as well as standing in on the Sunday Golden Oldies show.

Presenting the award for Joint Most Tries in a Season by a Borderer in 2012 to Fraser Thomson of Melrose, who went on to play pro rugby for Glasgow Warriors.

Stuart with the 100 year old Mac Henderson, who never lost in his three games for Scotland - a record which still stands today. No other player has played four or more times for Scotland without being beaten! Sadly Mac died at the age of 101.

Stuart broadcasting live on a cold Hawick YM roof with Radio Borders' Stuart McCulloch.


While most kids had a bedroom in their house, Stuart had a radio studio! From the age of 8 when he came down to Oxfordshire to live, he was hooked on radio. It all came from his parents who always had record sessions on a Sunday. He became fascinated with those seven inch pieces of vinyl that produced sound, and the albums that his mum and dad used to play.  The soundtracks to "Merry Widow" and "Oklahoma!" were favourites along with Jim Reeves recordings and music by Sidney Bechet, Kenneth McKeller, Pat Boone and Ned Miller.

Stuart would put his own programmes together using a cassette recorder and record player and in 1974 invented his own radio station called RMI, which stood for Radio Magnet Irvine, named after his favourite record label and his favourite rugby player!  Yes, quite sad looking back, but he would countdown his own favourite Top 30 songs of the moment in his bedroom studio for many years to come. All good practice!

When his athletics career took off - he was Scottish Under 15 High Jump champion two years running at the age of 13 and 14 - he was invited to an interview on the Sports Show at BBC Radio Oxford, and was absolutely hooked. Fortunately the then presenter and producer Bill Rennells was in charge of the programme and was very encouraging. Bill went on to broadcast for BBC Radio 2 doing the "You And The Night And The Music" show and was instrumental in helping Stuart in the real world of broadcasting.

He invited him down to London to sit in on his show at Broadcasting House and gave him a job as a 15 year old doing reports on the BBC Radio Oxford "Sport on Saturday" show. His first report was a live one minute piece from the Old Gaol Studio in Abingdon covering a local derby football match between Abingdon Town and Abingdon United.  "It was the most terrifying experience of my life at that time. The nerves were jangling but the presenter of the day, Peter Edmondson, was very kind at the completion of the report!"

Stuart used to hang around the station learning the ropes and helping out as well as being a regular reporter on a Saturday covering football and rugby. He covered Oxford City FC for two seasons before joining them full time in the promotions department at the time Sir Bobby Moore was Head Coach along with Harry Redknapp. 

One of the programmes he was involved with was the country music show presented by Graham Rowe. He would work with him for two years recording interviews and packages including features on the Wembley Country Music Festival, which was the biggest event in the UK of its kind.  He met the Osmonds, George Jones, David Allan Coe and other well known figures - indeed he would become part of the Osmonds tour with Merrill, Wayne and Jay back in the 1980s.

Graham died and Stuart's first programme, as an 18 year old, was to produce and present a one hour tribute to him. Three weeks later he was asked to take over the show with country singer Ellie Scott, and then continued by himself in the hot seat until 1989. He presented many other programmes during his decade at the BBC. He was in good company - the likes of Garry Richardson (Grandstand and BBC Sport), Martin Stanford (Sky News), Bob Harris (BBC Radio 2 and Old Grey Whistle Test) and Timmy Mallett (Children's TV icon) - were all on the BBC Radio Oxford team back then.

In 1989 Fox FM, the new commercial station for Oxfordshire, came on air and Stuart was invited to host the country music programme, the Gold Fox overnight service and present the Saturday afternoon Sports programme.  The overnight show was innovative. Back then the only competition was orchestral light music - ironically on BBC Radio 2's Bill Rennells show! - so for Stuart to play pop music from the 50s to the 80s was a new format totally for overnights, and there was a remarkably big audience for what he was playing. Very rare and rather scary footage of Stuart DJ'ing on Fox FM in 1994 can be seen here. Two years earlier he was filmed interviewing Dr Hook's legendary singer Dennis Locorriere here.

Sadly Fox FM is no longer. It was taken over by Heart FM recently but in the 90s it was number one in the area. It won the Sony Award for Best Radio Station and one of Stuart's adverts which he produced won an Independent Radio Advertising Award in 1992.  It was all going very well until the inevitable cutbacks saw the country show axed followed by the Sports Show and then the overnight service was turned into a non stop computerised music format. The fun and success of the early years disappeared and the new formats and programme decisions turned Fox FM into a shell of what it used to be. The heart was ripped out of the station and it was unrecognisable from its original sound - it started to flounder in the ratings.

Stuart's broadcasting career continued elsewhere. He was involved at the start of a 24-hour country music radio station based in Surrey called QCMR which broadcast on one of the Sky TV radio channels. That became CMR and has now turned into CMR Nashville. Stuart has been involved with CMR on and off for over 20 years, as well as having music shows on Radio Caroline, Apple FM, Kick FM and others.

He also started Scottish Rugby Radio with Richie Gray on Sky TV's Radio service - a half hour show talking about Scottish Rugby with interviews with players from the past as well as the current crop. This three year project made way for something even more exciting - Borders Rugby Television. It became clear that trying to cover the whole of the rugby scene in Scotland was difficult to do, and with YouTube becoming popular there was more interest in video than radio. Because Stuart was based in the Borders it was easier to cover eight senior club teams and nine junior sides, and bring something new to the region, which, like Stuart, is rugby daft.

By this time Stuart became part of the Sports team at Radio Borders, as well as writing for The Southern Reporter, The Scotsman and other publications, and contributing to BBC Radio Scotland's Sports Programme and news service.  He also took over the Sunday Breakfast Show for a couple of years on Radio Borders before the show was networked, but he still sits in for the popular Hugh Brown show on a Sunday morning and hosts the Hotdisc Top 40 shows on CMR Nashville. These shows are syndicated all over the world including Galashiels'' own TD1 Radio station.

Borders Rugby TV ended after six years but proved to be very popular not just in the Scottish Borders but all over the world, where there is a great interest in the South of Scotland from rugby fans and ex pats who have settled in all corners of the globe. It took a huge effort to produce TV and radio shows as well as keeping the website up to date with latest news and results. Borders Rugby TV was lucky to be the only broadcaster covering Scotland A's 35-0 win against England Saxons at Netherdale in 2012. It was a remarkable result and featured an amazing try by Stuart Hogg. That try has since been used by BBCTV, ITV and Sky Sports and is a much viewed clip the world over. Even Rugby World magazine devoted a double page spread to the try!

One of his career highlights was when he became the last person ever to interview the legendary Rugby commentator Bill McLaren, who sadly died a couple of years later. "There will never be anyone who comes close to what Bill achieved," said Stuart.  "He was a genius who will always be remembered. When you get to meet your heroes you hope that they turn out to be how you imagined them to be; and Bill was everything and more. It was a complete joy to be in his company for that hour at his home and I will treasure that memory forever." The interview can be heard here.

Another memorable encounter was with the 100 year old former Scottish international from 1933, Mac Henderson. He would go on to live for another year and gave Stuart the most vivid account of his rugby life from the 1920s and 1930s. That chat can be heard here - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
Interviewing his music heroes including Les Gray (Mud), Brian Connolly (Sweet), Bobby Goldsboro, Del Shannon and Billie Jo Spears were more highlights. Stuart has a massive collection of archive recordings which he is currently transferring digitally.

His involvement in Scottish Rugby led to him being signed up by TalkSPORT Radio, the nation's only non-stop Sports station, and when they won the contract for the World Cup in New Zealand in 2011, Stuart was chosen to cover Scotland's campaign over there. He is also a regular covering Scotland's home games for TalkSPORT, RTE, BFBS and Sky Sports News.

Stuart Cameron on the Radio on Sundays

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11am Ears Radio (USA) - Hotdisc Chart Show (2 hrs)


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