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On location in Scotland presenting a documentary on Inchcombe Island on the Firth of Forth.

Stuart in the studios of CMR Nashville, the successful 24-hour country music station broadcasting throughout Europe.


Being a freelance makes things very flexible. There is no such thing as a 9 to 5 job for Stuart and since 1980 he has been involved in many different activities. He also knows that in a changing world you have to adapt by being flexible. "It's like spinning plates. You have to have fingers in other pies as some 'plates' spin better than others at any one time," he says.

Hotdisc Limited is Stuart's company formed in 1998 to produce monthly country music CDs for the radio industry. Over 220 releases later it is still going strong and the brand has developed. The Hotdisc chart shows are now syndicated all over the world and the Top 40 is published in the best country music magazines in the UK, including "Up Country" which devotes a two page spread each month to Hotdisc. There is also a weekly one hour TV programme thrice-weekly on Sky TV Channel 389 (also Freesat 516 and FreeView 87) devoted to the Hotdisc Top 20 which is enjoying a large following throughout the UK.

The company produces CDs and DVDs for clients while StuMedia, which Stuart started in 2014, produces Television programmes and clips for corporate companies as well as providing footage for media outlets including ITV Border, Scottish Rugby TV, Sky TV and BBC Television.

Stuart's voice can be found on many TV and radio programmes as narrator and voice-over artist, and is hired for corporate work. 

The Stuart Cameron Music Quiz is another project which has proved successful. He produces bespoke as well as off-the-shelf quizzes which take the hard work out of putting on these kind of events for organisers. 

"Golden Memories" is a relatively new venture, giving families the opportunity to have something professional and lasting to treasure for a long time.  Stuart will meet a family and then arrange to interview an older relative, capturing their memories either on video as a TV programme, or on CD as an audio show.

The TV version mixes in photographs from the subject's past, and the end result is a DVD families can cherish and hand down over the years.  "It gives ordinary people, who often have extraordinary lives and amazing stories to tell, the opportunity to talk about them," Stuart explains.

With the online world opening up beyond recognition, video is such an important tool for companies these days. Stuart is picking up a lot of commissions from people wanting to have quality but cost-effective videos made to promote anything from Chinese Restaurants to covering sports events and music videos. The sky really is the limit in terms of the subject and Stuart welcomes any enquiry.

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