Stu Stevens - The Voice - was one of Britain's greatest original singer-songwriters, who enjoyed an incredible music journey over the years. He was born in Annesley Woodhouse, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, England under the name Wilfrid Pearce on 25th September 1936 and died at the age of 79 on 13th June 2016.

Record contracts with EMI Columbia, MCA, Young Blood, Granite and a number of other influential labels gave him airplay all over the world, and on BBC Radio 2 his single "The Man From Outer Space" enjoyed months of exposure including the Terry Wogan Show which championed his cause.

Although not breaking through on the national pop charts in the UK, Stu had hits all over the world with songs of the calibre of "Hello Pretty Lady", "When I Dream" and "Call My Name."

His rich deep voice sent women into a trance and he built up a massive following. His concerts were sell-outs and he appeared with large orchestras all over Britain. Television appearances and live work on some of the biggest stages in the world raised his profile even more, and Stu's best ever release "The Voice" CD featuring many of his greatest records attracted a lot of interest. "The Voice - Volume 2" came out in March 2017 as a digital download containing 40 tracks including the whole of his live concert at Oxford's Apollo Theatre in 1980 and the best of the rest of his back catalogue as well as some rarities including a song he sang at the age of 79, which would turn out to be his final single, "And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind."

Also available on DVD is the long forgotten "The Man And His Music" video - a 90 minute slice of nostalgia from 1985 featuring live performances and candid footage.

In his later years he recorded four albums including a gospel collection but devoted his life to working on the sheep farm he owned with his wife Elizabeth.

In March 2019 a boxed set of 4 CDs, two of them previously unavailable on CD, was released representing great value for just 11.99 for the set, which you can buy here. As well as featuring "The Voice" and "Still Standing" it also contains "The Voice Volume 2" featuring the best of the rest of his recordings plus the legendary 1980 concert at the New Theatre, Oxford.

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